Hi! I'm Abdulmalik, a security professional

I create content on learning, ideas, my experiences, and technical topics.

I am primarily focused on Application Security, DevSecOps, DevOps.

In the past, I have responsibly disclosed security vulnerabilities to several companies, including OpenClassroom, Andela, and Kuda..

I have experience working with various technologies such as SAST tools like Semgrep, CI/CD pipelines, Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, Golang, Bash scripting, Burp Suite, Terraform, HashiCorp Vault…

I am an open source contributor and advocate. I have contributed to several open source projects in the past and hope to further contribute to security-focused open source initiatives moving forward.

To contact me, send mails via email, linkedin, or follow me on twitter.

Recent Projects

Personal blog Blog For Application Security, DevSecOps, Open Source, Golang, Web app performanc optimization and more.!
wame.io send many whatsapp number messages without saving the contacts
Awesome OSS Docs directory of all open source documentation
dcatool a CLI for Dollar Cost Averaging on crypto via Binance
What If I Had Invested coin time machine a coin calculator that helps crypto investors

Hire Me

You can hire me, i have a diverse skillset: security, technical writing, devsecops, documentation, leadership/managerial, software, security education, teamwork